About Us

The Linell group of companies was formed from the original firm Linell Precision Engineering in 1978. Linell provided engineering components to the MoD submarine fleet and later diversified into the oil and gas sector through 1980-90. Linell has established key vendor status to OEM customers and provides full turnkey facilities from sourcing with QA certification.

In 1996 Moorfield International was formed to supply primary lithium battery pack solutions cheifly to exploratory and production wells in the oil and gas sector. Moorfield provides bespoke design solutions compliant with IATA/UN legislation and has supplied thousands of packs to customers all over the world. Utilizing industry leading ‘Electrochem’ cells and capable of undertaking fast prototyping of engineering solutions.

Moorfield Power & Generation was formed to produce power solutions for both drilling and production wells. The MGen power tool designs have been designed and tested extensively using CFD and flow-loop experiments. With IP protection, the MGens incorporate a Halbach magnet array and contain no rotating seals making it an ideal product to replace traditional battery powered arrangements.

In mid-2011 Linell Renewables, building on the marine engineering expertise within the group, began development of the patented LinellGen tidal turbine. Today, Linell Renewables is nearing the prototype implementation phase and hopes to become the first commercially viable tidal turbine design.

Linell International Forged Alloys joined the Linell Group in 2013 supplying alloy forgings and bars to the UK oil and gas sector. Linell IFA offer competitive advantage to Linell Precision Engineering and employ highly respected and industry known professionals with custom storage, cutting and logistical services.

In 2017 Linell Energy Services Steel joined the Linell Group, offering a range of highly specialised structural steel materials for a variety of critical applications in the energy infrastructure industry primarily for supply of pipes for conductor applications.