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 LinellGen – A Revolutionary New Concept for Tidal Power

Tides are predictable and consistent, all year round: ideal as a provider of abundant energy. Surveys indicate that 60GW of energy are available around UK coastal waters, which would fulfil 75% of the UK’s needs.

In a world where demand for energy grows greater every day, and many traditional sources are finite and environmentally unhelpful, the ability to harness the tides is an increasingly important and attractive way forward. LinellGen represents the latest innovative thinking and a significant technological advance in the mastering of tidal energy.

LinellGen Tidal Turbine: Key Points

  • Designed to endure for at least 40 years, using proven technology and materials
  • Produces more power than any other seabed unit to date
  • Designed to be fully constructed and commissioned using existing dry docks worldwide
  • Produces power in currents as low as 2 knots
  • Generates 3MW in 7 knots of current
  • Environmentally friendly to marine life
  • Maximises energy whatever the direction of tidal flow
  • Maintained on surface, without expensive divers and support vessels
  • Stackable in deeper waters – double the power output for less than double the build/installation costs

Learn more: view our short video.

Research & Development

LinellGen is the product of many years’ research and development carried out by Linell Renewables at Linell Group headquarters in conjunction with our academic and commercial partners.