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About Us

Linell IFALinell International Forged Alloys Ltd. is a stockist and distributor of high quality forged alloy bars and semi-finished machined components for the oil and gas industry as well as supplying to general engineering requirements. We specialise in close tolerance proof machined solid and hollow bars which meet the exacting demands of the ever developing energy infrastructure industries.

Our close links with many major steel and alloy producers in Europe enable customers to take advantage of both ex-stock and mill lead times for raw forged products as well as fully heat treated and tested to client specifications. Our experience spans many years in the industry and we can offer assistance in product design to improve mechanical properties while saving on weight and cost.

Fast, flexible, fully equipped

As part of the Linell Group of companies we are able to draw on a fully equipped machine shop to further enhance your options from our product range. Expect a fast, flexible solution to all your metal requirements from our newly established Renfrewshire facility.

Quality and procedures

Linell International Forged Alloys is certified to ISO standard 9001:2015 (operation of a quality management system) for the provision of machined forgings and forged bar to the oil and gas industry.