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End-to-end supply chain services

Linell International Forged Alloys can offer sawn bar from stock in normalised or quenched and tempered condition. Customers can elect to have us Project Manage their requirements through forging, heat treatment and testing processes as well as rough machining or final component machining.

We can offer complex forged shapes, simple rolled rings or other forged products from strategic partners. Our expert knowledge helps make management of the entire supply chain more efficient from start to finish.

All subcontract services such as heat treatment facilities and test laboratories used are fully accredited bodies and hold certification accordingly. We can also offer Third Party Inspection Services at any witness points required during the manufacturing processes.


Currently we are operating three bandsaws, one manual, one semi-automatic and one new fully automatic Danobat IDS 4A. Our Danobat IDS 4A guarantees very high accuracy, high production rates and the very best blade life. This bandsaw is capable of sawing up to 420 mm or 420 mm x 420 mm square.

See ‘Capacity’ below for more details.


Although Linell International Forged Alloys has no direct machining capacity, we do have ready access to a wide range of subcontract machine shops for rough machining all dimensions. Group company Linell Precision Engineering is also on site for finished machined components through a wide range of NC and CNC machines.

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment is subcontracted to a number of ISO approved facilities with fully automated Water, Polymer and Oil Quenching as required. All furnace charts and records are maintained and can be supplied with Heat Treatment reports in accordance with customer specifications.

Testing & Inspection

A number of UKAS approved laboratories are utilised for all mechanical testing requirements. Facilities have been selected due to quality and close proximity to our chosen Heat Treatment facilities. NDE can also be carried out by fully certified ASNT Level 3 operators. Should Third Party or Customer Witness be required for any Process or Testing procedures then this can be accommodated at a time to suit the client.

Project Management

Experience tells us that more and more emphasis is being placed on vendor involvement at an early stage of projects. We have in-depth knowledge of customer requirements for MPP’s, ITP’s, preproduction meetings and full Project integration from Feed Stage to completion. We are available to meet with clients, introduce manufacturers and coordinate all aspects of the supply chain throughout the life cycle of the project.


  • Machine 1: Diva 600/750 di semi-automatic band saw
    Capacity: 660 di (or 750 di on flat)
  • Machine 2: Danobat IDS4A fully automatic CNC band saw
    Capacity: 450 di
  • Machine 3: Kasto TBA 660 – 1060/1260 U-twin column band saw
    Capacity: 660 di up to 1060 di (or 1260 di on flat)