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Industries: robust, reliable solutions

Oil & Gas

Extracting the earth’s petroleum resources requires reliable power source technology. Lithium batteries used in the Oil & Gas industry must perform in extreme heat and pressure, survive pounding shock and vibration forces and often withstand corrosive environments. Moorfield International battery packs provide dependable power on demand, extremely high reliability and peak performance in the harshest of environments.


There is a large variety of oceanography applications including; Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs), acoustic pingers, temperature/current/salinity sensors, ocean seismometers, buoys, underwater vehicles, and sonar devices. The oceanographic market is extremely diverse in terms of application types and customer requirements and many oceanographic deployments can last as long as five years. Moorfield International battery packs are ideal for these applications where predictable, long-term battery capacity is critical.


Companies are realising increased business value in being able to track their mobile assets such as tractor-trailers, storage containers and rental equipment. By integrating wireless devices within these assets, critical business information can be collected automatically. Information such as location and operational history can help improve asset utilisation, reduce operating costs, increase productivity, and improve customer service. The wireless devices affixed to the assets are subjected to harsh conditions, and the batteries selected to power such devices need to withstand these harsh conditions. Effective solutions are always readily tracked down at Moorfield International.

Industrial / OEM

Moorfield International battery packs can be used in various types of industrial devices that require a reliable and long-lasting battery power source. Applications include memory backup for control systems and related automation equipment such as instrumentation and pumps.